gifts for construction workers

20 Amazing Gifts for Construction Workers You Can Get on Amazon (2021)

20 Amazing Gifts for Construction Workers You Can Get on Amazon (2021)

20 Gifts for Construction Workers You Can Find on Amazon

Need something for the construction worker in your life but not sure where to start? We've got you covered! 

We scoured the internet, asked our clients, and worked with construction workers around the US to come up with this list of amazing gifts for construction workers.

Better yet? All are available on Amazon. 

Gifts for Construction Workers

gifts for construction workers

Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Know someone who works in a cold climate? Try this out. The jacket heats itself and can be turned off easily so you don't work up a sweat. The battery also connects to the same charger as your Milwaukee brand tools. How's that for convenience?

Many of the people we talked to use this jacket for cold mornings out fishing as well. 

It also comes in a women's version that you can find here


gifts for construction workers

DeWalt ToughSystem Bluetooth Stereo and Battery Charger

This is an incredibly useful gift. Not only does it charge the batteries for tools, but it also has a powerful stereo system that can be hooked up to Bluetooth or AM/FM radio. 


gifts for construction workers

Stanley Cooler and Thermos Combo

This is something we could all use in our lives. A high-quality, hard-sided lunch box that will insulate for hours and a large thermos that snaps together easily. It's convenience and quality rolled into one and is sure to last years.


gifts for construction workers

Job Site Coffee Maker

Keurig just met its hard-working match. This coffee maker uses the same single-serve cups, making sure you never have clean stale coffee out of an old percolator. It's also designed to survive being moved from site to site for years to come. 


gifts for construction workers

Neck and Back Massager

Long days, heavy lifting and pulled muscles eventually will need some TLC. This neck and back massager is simple to use and effective on even the most stubborn knots. 


gifts for construction workers

Boot Dryer

One of the worst feelings is putting your feet into wet shoes before heading out on a cold morning. This boot dryer will work from the time you get home to make sure your boots are comfortable and dry when you need them. 


gifts for construction workers

YETI Rambler

The YETI Rambler has earned its reputation as one of the best travel mugs on the market. This will keep your morning coffee warm for hours on long drives to the job site and between breaks. This was one of our group's favorite choices overall.

 gift for construction workers

WORK Massaging Gel Insoles

If working on their feet all day has your construction worker tired and achy, give these insoles a try. With 1,500 ratings at over 4-stars, they definitely deserve a place on this list for anyone who could use a little support. Slip a set of insoles into their Christmas stocking. They'll thank you for it. 


Heated Lunchbox

Portable Food Warmer

This food warmer looks and packs like a lunchbox but it can be plugged into the outlet on any vehicle and warm your lunch while you work. The food will be hot and ready when you are.


gifts for construction workers

Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Kit

Keeping notes on the job site has always been a challenge. With water, grease, and the weather to contend with, most notebooks and paper just don't cut it. Pens dry out in the cold, paper dampens, and it all gets exposed to the elements. This kit takes care of all of that in one. Rite in the Rain products are designed to be used anywhere and survive the elements. This set is perfect for anyone who needs their notes to be as weatherproof as their tools. 


gifts for construction workers

Mechanix Gloves

A great pair of gloves will protect your hands will allowing you to feel your work. These gloves are a favorite on many sites because they guard your hands from cuts, cushion from tool vibrations, and still allow you to grip and feel. 


gifts for construction workers

Leatherman Multi-Tool

This is a classic for any construction worker. Leatherman is a gold standard for multi-tools and will be found on any job site. We like this model because it is very versatile and has all the basics you need, no matter the trade. 


gifts for construction workers

Carhartt Backpack

When you need something durable enough to withstand a construction site and professional enough to take to the office, look no further. This Carhartt backpack covers all the bases. 


gifts for construction workers

3M WorkTunes

Save your hearing and enjoy Bluetooth connection or AM/FM radio at the same time. These worksite favorites are popular for a reason. They make the day go faster and provide quality sound while protecting your ears. 



gifts for construction workers

Caterpillar Hoodie

Get them something they will wear all winter long. This Caterpillar hoodie is harp and comfortable. 

 Back-Up camera

Backup Camera

When the truck is loaded up and the job site is crowded, it can be pretty tough to back up safely. This camera helps you to back right up to the unload point accurately which means less carrying and less craning your neck.


great gifts for construction workers

Truck Organizer

Is the work truck a mess? This organizer hangs on the backseat and can be used to keep everything you need. No more tools rolling around on the floor and no more spending 10 minutes digging under the seat to find the measuring tape. 


gifts for construction workers

DeWalt 20-Pocket Pro Toolbelt

Carrying everything with you keeps your hands free to work. This belt is ideal since it takes the pressure off your hips and distributes it around the shoulders, back, and hips for more comfortable wear. 


gifts for construction workers

Visor Photo Frame

The ideal stocking stuffer or gift from the kids. This one clips on the visor to make the work truck feel a bit more like home. 


gifts for construction workers

Mini Fridge for the Work Truck

This portable mini fridge plugs right into the truck to keep lunches cool all day long. It can also be used in the office and on the job.


gifts for construction workers

DeWalt Laser Distance Measure

Put down the tape measure and pick up a tool that only requires one hand, calculates area and volume, and is accurate to 3/32 of an inch. The DeWalt Laser Measure is the measuring tape x 100. 


 best gifts for construction workers


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Rachel Walla

Rachel Walla

Oh wow, thank you for the tip on the LunchEAZE! That looks amazing and we’re including it in our 2020 list!



You should check out LunchEAZE! It’s a cordless heated lunch box that heats meals automatically. It’s great for construction workers since it lets them heat meals without having to stay plugged in or keeping the car on.



This list is so helpful for my Christmas shopping. Thank you!

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