Introducing The Ally Safety Toolbox Talk Video Membership!

Supercharge Your Weekly Safety Topics

We know how challenging it is to come up with unique, engaging safety topics week after week after week.

If content doesn't engage learners, they don't retain the information.

But what if you could save yourself time while having better content? Content that was specifically created for visual learners? We've done the work so you don't have to!

Our videos are build to replace zoning out for tuning in, to demonstrate rather than tell, and to make safety relatable!

What's even better is you can add your own custom elements to our video lessons to make them fit your organization!

  • 160+ micro-courses from Ally Safety (English and Spanish) 
  • Send via link, SCORM file, text and more!
  • Quizzes and resources
  • Customization and branding tools
  • Use as much as you want as long as subscription is active

Why Use Video?

Research suggests that we’re likely to remember about 10% of text-based content and 65% of visual content, but audio-visual content? A staggering 95%.

Studies show that video increases learner retention by 83%.

What's more, learners are 75% more likely to watch videos and 49% more likely to engage with them than text-based learning.

So join our unlimited streaming membership for your workforce today and improve safety training while saving yourself time!


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