best shoes for concrete floors

4 Ways to Relive Pain from Walking and Working on Concrete Floors

4 Ways to Relive Pain from Walking and Working on Concrete Floors

If you work on concrete floors all day, you know the pain this can cause! Here are four quick and easy ways to help relieve this pain from both a Certified Safety Professional and a Doctor of Physical Therapy!

4 Ways to Relieve Foot Pain from Working on Concrete Floors

Let's start with the video! We know you're busy so here's an easy way to jump to the parts you need most:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:47 Common approaches to reducing pain
  • 3:00 What is Plantar Fasciitis
  • 5:30 Recommendations
  • 5:45 Insoles
  • 7:36 Basic pain relief
  • 8:30 Strengthening/exercises

Next, here are some great products, resources, and coupon codes to help you out!

1. Getting Support for Your Tired Feet

There are three different levels for support. Most people just think of their shoes which are an important element, but there's actually two more, padding the floor and getting a great pair of insoles.

Best shoes for concrete floors


For more info on finding supportive shoes, check out our blog article here:

Superfeet Insoles


As Chantel explains in the video, a good pair of insoles can make all the difference but it can be hard to know what to look for! This is one case where quality definitely makes a difference. 

Check out the fit finder at Superfeet! 

Use code WORKRIGHTNW2022 for 15% off but act fast because this one works for a limited time only!

Floor Padding

Like any gym floor, providing a little padding in the workshop on high-traffic areas can make all the difference!

Here are a few options we recommend to clients. 


Remember, a few simple product fixes can make a big difference! But don't forget to stretch, strengthen, and reduce your overall time on your feet to alleviate pain!

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