How to Make Awesome Safety Training Videos

It's Time for Safety Training to Join the 21st Century!
Video is the new training medium. Are you ready to make awesome videos?

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How to Make Awesome Safety Training Videos

Why making the switch to video is essential for your career

Teaching in the way employees learn

The stages of video production

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Lesson Plan

Safety training has to engage learners to be effective. Over the past few years of transforming career from a safety professional to a video producer, I’ve learned how to entertain and educate simultaneously. However, it’s not just professional video creators that need this skill anymore, it’s every safety leader. In this course, I’ll share my tips, tricks, and lessons learned to help you make your own awesome safety videos.

Customer Reviews

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Training - How to Make Awesome Safety Videos

Straightforward and comprehensive training on how to create safety videos. The training is well organized to take the participant from start to finish. If you are looking to film, edit and utilize safety videos as part of your safety profession, this is the training for you. Videos by Ally Safety are produced with excellence and Rachel generously shares how we can do it too.

Lori McCollough
Awesome training!

Rachel always does a phenomenal job with her videos! I was very honored and excited to get to learn from her. She gave us lots of tips that we can use to step-up our safety videos. I look forward to getting to use what I learned!

Great Investment for 2024!

I work for an awesome small business, that introduced me to Rachel with Ally Safety! This course on "How to make Awesome Safety Videos" is straight to the point and great to watch. I noticed that video-based safety training is a method that has gained substantial recognition. This mode of training not only conveys safety procedures in an engaging manner but these videos significantly improve employee engagement and retention, making the training process more interactive and fun! I'm looking forward to seeing our clients reactions and feedback. Thank you for making this much easier.

Chelsea Gill
Awesome Safety videos here I come!

This course has been so helpful on how to make better videos. It includes everything from planning, to equipment you can use (but not required), to how to lay out filming. As a former teacher, the planning part was great to see because this will help everyone have a goal for their videos and what people should get out of it. Took me right back to the classroom, in a good way! I can't wait to make lots of videos for our employees and move training into more video-based learning. Thanks for such a great class!!!

Don Brady

I just love how this material is laid out. Rachel gives step-by-step instructions to help everyone create awesome videos. Fantastic job, Rachel! Thank you.