Noise and Hearing Protection Safety Training

Hearing damage is highly preventable and in this Noise and Hearing Conservation course, we go into everything you need to about noise, how noise affects hearing, how to protect your hearing, and more to make sure your hearing is protected.

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Noise and Hearing Protection Safety Training

Course Delivered in Microlearning

How and Why to Protect Yourself from Noise

Spanish Subtitles Available

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Lesson Plan

This course was created to align with OSHA 1910.95 General Industry and 1926.52 Construction.

• The effects of noise on hearing
• The purpose of hearing protection, the advantages, disadvantages, and attenuation of various types, and instructions on selection, fitting, use, and care
• The purpose of audiometric testing, and an explanation of the test procedures
• When noise levels become hazardous to hearing
• Methods of measuring noise levels including the free NIOSH Sound Level Meter App
• Common noise levels you should know
• Early signs and symptoms of hearing loss
• Demonstration of audiometric testing and the purpose of baseline hearing exams
• How to protect your hearing both at work and at home

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vanessa J.

I actually liked this.

Lots to learn

I feel like this was useful outside of work as well as work.

Miles T.

Easy to pay attention to and the questions weren't hard