Ergonomics in the Workplace Safety Training

The #1 type of workplace injury in the US is musculoskeletal injuries - soft tissue injuries to the back, shoulders, knees, hands, and more. The good news is, these injuries are highly preventable. Let us show you how!

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Ergonomics in the Workplace Safety Training

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Course Focused on Prevention as the Best Treatment

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Lesson Plan

Although federal OSHA has not created a standard devoted to ergonomics, some states are beginning to outline the requirements. In either case, with musculoskeletal disorders as the #1 cause of workplace injuries, preventing these issues is part of the General Duty Clause which requires employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

• Identify ergonomic risk factors in positioning and lifting
• Recognize the early symptoms of ergonomic issues and take steps to prevent them from progressing to an injury
• Practice safe lifting and movements
• Reduce the risk of a musculoskeletal injury by using preventative practices
• Utilize strategies learned from athletes to build resiliency and recover quickly

Customer Reviews

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Phil Russell
Useful and informative

The workplace ergonomics training was incredibly helpful and informative. The trainer provided practical tips and techniques to improve posture, reduce strain, and enhance overall comfort while working. I now have a better understanding of how to create an ergonomic setup that supports my well-being, and some tips I can actually see using.