Electrical Safety Awareness Training for Non-Electricians

The employees most likely to suffer burns, shock, and electrocutions, are not necessarily electricians. That's why it's critical that all employees have a basic understanding of electrical principles, preventing shock, and responding to emergencies.

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Electrical Safety Awareness Training for Non-Electricians

Delivered in Microlearning Segments for Better Retention

3D Animations Illustrate Electrical Lessons

Spanish Subtitles Available

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Lesson Plan

According to NFPA 70E, training must be provided to employees who face a risk from electrical hazards. This training was created in alignment with non-electrical worker training needs and includes the following:

• Learn to identify and understand the relationship between electrical hazards and possible injury
• Understand the basics of electricity like current, circuits, resistance, voltage, and more
• Recognize how electrical shock occurs by watching 3d animations the explain the process and prevention
• Develop a deeper understand of how GFCI's work through rich animations and illustrations
• Apply lockout tagout successfully to ensure energy is isolated
• Examine how arc flash occurs through 3d animations
• Assess the hazards of powerlines and understand the necessary safe distances
• Identify the hazards of electrical equipment and how to reduce risk when working near it
• Respond to electrical shock incidents safely and decisively by avoiding major pitfalls

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great info

As a safety manager, I HATE giving electrical training. It's not my area of expertise and I feel like it takes me too long to put it all together. This course was informative and kept our employees' attention. Thanks!

Harrison D.
Great for non-electrical employees.

This course has a lot of the information that those employees who don't do electrical work often don't know. It's great for teaching the fundamentals of electricity as a foundation for safe work.