best work boots for women

The Best Work Boots for Women 2020

The Best Work Boots for Women 2020

Have you ever needed a new pair of work boots and thought to yourself, “There has to be something better than this out there, right?”

Or not been sure what was going to be comfortable and durable enough to last?

Well, I’ve got good news for you, we came up with this list of the best work boots for women based on the type of boot, reviews across multiple retailer websites, and feedback from women across industries.

There’s some classics here that I know you’ll love and also some models that you may not have heard of before.



The work boots I chose for this article had to meet three different criteria:

  1. They had to have a safety toe that met ASTM requirements.
  2. They also had to have great reviews and be durable enough for us to spend our hard-earned money on. I do not mention any shoes in this video that are not built with quality in mind.
  3. They had to have a certain coolness factor. The last thing you want at 4:30 AM when you’re getting ready to head out to a job site, is to pull on the ugliest, heaviest, least fashionable shoes known to man. It’s just a bad way to start your day, you know what I mean.

So, let’s prevent that from happening again and get going on the best work boots for women.


Xena Workwear Gravity 2.0 Boot

The Best Work Boots for Women - Xena Workwear

The first item is a really exciting one that I think you will appreciate if you’ve ever held a job where you need to be between the factory floor and the office a lot.

When I got my first management job, I realized that I had to up my shoe game to fit in when giving presentations and working with executives, without having to switch shoes five times a day to go out into the production lines. However, back then there wasn’t a shoe on the market that fit that bill so I settled with having big, clunky work boots in the board room. Well, now there is! This is the Xena Gravity is the first truly stylish steel toe shoe for women.

The really cool thing about this company is that it was started just about a year ago by a woman in heavy industry who also noticed there was a need for better work boots for women so she just went out and made it happen.

One thing to note with this one, is you do want to go about ½ size larger than you normally would as they tend to run small. They heel height is 2 inches which meets Canadian safety standards and they also have and electrostatic dissipative model as well.


  • Steel toe cap
  • Slip-resistant
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • LWG certified leather
  • Cost: $170


Timberland Pro Direct Attach

The Best Work Boots for Women - Classic Work Boot

The Timberland Pro Direct Attach is your basic work boot that is a workhorse and also is still styling when you’re running to the grocery store after work. For those of you who work construction, you know a lot of construction jobs require ankle support and this one fits the bill. I also just like the look of this one and will throw on a pair for the weekend.


  • Steel toe cap
  • 200g of Thermolite® insulation
  • Oil resistant outsoles
  • Seam-sealed waterproof leather upper
  • Weight 1.4 pounds/boot
  • Cost: $135


Keen Atlanta Low

Keen Best Work Boots for Women

This next boot is quickly becoming the new classic work shoe. Keens are great because they offer the protection of a work boot while being as comfortable as a hiking or tennis shoe. We chose this model over some of the cheaper alternatives like Sketchers because it has better style and tends to last much longer. Last summer I was at a job site wearing a pair of my normal, heavy work boots, and some girls I worked with both rocked up both wearing these. They looked so much more comfortable and cool, needless to say, my feet were very jealous.


  • Steel toe cap
  • Breathable mesh inserts for more airflow
  • Compression molded foot bed
  • Left and Right asymmetrical steel toe
  • Water-resistant
  • Weight 1.1 pounds/boot
  • Cost: $120

Ariat Expert Safety Clog

Best Work Boots for Women - Ariat Expert Safety Clog

Let's say you have a job where you only need to go out into the field or the factory floor once a week or so. This could be for people who are in accounting, procurement, certain engineering roles where you need a safety shoe but you still want to look professional and be comfortable when you do go out, the Ariat Expert Safety Clog is a great option. Now, just because I say they are for those who only go out occasionally, doesn’t mean they aren’t comfortable. These were my main safety shoes for about a year and they’re lightweight due to having a composite toe and really nice to wear. Also, if you travel a lot for work, these aren’t going to take up too much space in your carry-on.


  • Composite safety toe
  • ATS® technology for stability comfort
  • Oil and slip resistant outsole100% non-metallic
  • Cost: $130


Ariat Tracey

Ariat Tracey Women's Work Boot

There are some great options out there for women’s pull-on boots. I love a great pull-on boot because of the roominess and wide open top but I think if we are talking fit, comfort, and style all together. The Ariat Tracey is the obvious winner. These ones are the boots you’ll probably pull on and wear around on weekend even after work is over because they’re just comfy and fun. They’ve got a few fun colors and that classic cowgirl look.


  • Composite safety toe
  • Grip strip platform sole for multi-directional traction
  • 9” tall
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Waterproof
  • Cost: $150


Dr. Martens Leah Combat Boot

Best Work Boots for Women - Dr Martens

I have searched the internet repeatedly over the years to find a great knee-high safety shoe to wear to work and every time, I turn up with nothing. However, the closest thing I’ve found are these calf-length boots from Dr. Marten’s.


  • Steel toe cap
  • Air-cushioned PVC sole
  • Smartmask® cushioned foot bed
  • Electrical hazard certified
  • Water-resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • 9” tall
  • Cost: $85

So, that’s my list of the best work boots for women. Which ones are your favorites? What great options did I miss? Let me know in the comments below.

best work boots for women 


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Does anyone know of a boot similar to the Gravity 2.0 but non-leather? My job requires a lot of back and forth from the office and these look SO much better than the running-shoe style ones I currently wear

Rachel Walla

Rachel Walla

I just googled these to see what they were! Do you mean Jace? I couldn’t find Jenny’s. Send a pic!



Can’t believe you all left out the CAT Jenny boots and the Revolver. I love them!

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