Scaffold Safety Awareness Training

65% of people in the construction industry work on scaffolds. This awareness-level course is designed to teach the principles of scaffold safety, types of scaffolds, the dangers associated with scaffold use, scaffold roles, and how to stay safe.

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Scaffold Safety Awareness Training

Delivered in Microlearning Segments for Improved Retention

Understand Scaffold Safety Basics

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Lesson Plan

This course was designed to align with scaffold construction requirements OSHA 1926.454. After this training, learners will be able to:

• Understand scaffold safety statistics which emphasize why work on scaffolding can be dangerous
• Identify and differentiate common scaffold types and name the major components
• Recognize major scaffold hazardand apply methods to control or minimize the risk
• Distinguish the different roles and responsibilities of the scaffold competent person, qualified person, erectors and dismantlers, scaffold users, and scaffold designers
• Assess electrical hazards when working on scaffolds
• Evaluate falling object hazards and protect against accidents
• Demonstrate proper scaffold use
• Determine when scaffold hazards are present and know which role is most likely able to help reduce the risk
• Understand the scaffold maximum intended load and relate overuse to scaffold collapse
• Explain the basics of scaffold safety

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Terra K.
Good training

We used this for our new hires this year. It was a good way to get them up to speed on scaffold safety basics.


This was good and much better than our old powerpoint!

Cindy M.