Portable Ladder Safety Training

Falls from ladders are prevalent in both construction and general industry. In this course, we demonstrate choosing the right ladder for the job, pre-use inspections, proper set-up, ladder do's and don'ts, and more to keep workers safe on ladders.

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Portable Ladder Safety Training

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Lesson Plan

After this course, learners will be able to:

• Select the right ladder for the job based on size, duty rating, material, and the ladder type
• Demonstrate how to conduct a ladder inspection for step ladders and extension ladders
• Properly use both extension ladders and step ladders
• Set up ladders for tasks based on the settings and utilizing the correct components of the ladder
• Store ladders appropriately, reducing the likelihood of damageU
• Practice correct ladder use utilizing the ladder do's that are demonstrated and avoided ladder dont's
• Identify hazardous use of ladders
• Mitigate hazards to work safely on and around portable ladders

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ms. Safety

This course adds a bit of fun to a dry topic with the dummy that falls off ladders, the explanations, and demonstrations

Ed Stankiewicz
accuracy, brevity, clarity

Straight forward, informative, useful

Andrew D.

Portable Ladder

V. Chilling


Scott B.

Choosing the right ladder