Personal Protective Equipment Safety Training

What if Personal Protective Equipment Training could be fun and interesting? In this course, we put PPE to the test to demonstrate not all types are built for the same hazards, how to choose the PPE for the job, properly wear, use and maintain it.

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Personal Protective Equipment Safety Training

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Lesson Plan

This course was created to align with OSHA training requirements for both construction and general industry.

• When PPE is necessary
• What PPE is necessary
• How to properly don, doff, adjust, and wear PPE
• The limitations of the PPE
• The proper care, maintenance, useful life and disposal of the PPE

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lisa K.
Liven up your PPE training

We liked adding this course this year to bring a fresh perspective to an old topic

Ms. Safety
Great approach

This course is a much-needed improvement to our PPT training. I hate doing PPE safety training since it's always dull but this course gave us some new life to an old topic. Great approach!

Marie G.
Great work

Great videos with great explanations and entertaining at the same time. I particularly love the experiments which are super illustrative will also being kind of funny. And the presenter does an extraordinary job! Would definitely recommend!

PPE not boring

Probably the first PPE course that didn't put me to sleep

Steve H.

This course is alright but I don't think PPE training is necessary.