Fall Protection Toolbox Talk

Did you know falls from heights are the #1 cause of construction fatalities? This toolbox talk addresses the basics that both construction and general industry employees need to keep on the top of mind to stay safe. 

This Toolbox Talk was designed to be delivered in either a group setting or sent out individually.

The Fall Protection Toolbox Talk contains the following basic information: 

  • Introduction to falls from heights
  • Fall restraint vs. fall arrest
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to do a fall protection equipment pre-use inspection
  • How to check your fall protection harness fit
  • What a fall prevention plan is and how to calculate fall clearance
  • Using all protection in lifts
  • Basic ladder safety
  • 2 illustrated pages
  • Includes questions to prompt thought and discussion
  • Available for instant download at checkout or over email

Download and use today!