OSHA's Top 10 Violations of 2023 and How to Prevent Them in 2024

Top 10 OSHA Violations in 2023

Believe it or not, workplace safety violations can lead to substantial penalties. In 2023, the largest penalty issued by OSHA amounted to a staggering 2.8 million dollars. The good news is that most of these penalties and unsafe workplace conditions are entirely avoidable with a basic understanding of safety standards.

To help you navigate OSHA's top 10 violations for the fiscal year of 2023 and prevent them in 2024, let's delve into each violation and discuss effective prevention strategies.

#10: Machine Guarding

With a total of 1,644 violations, improper machine guarding was a significant issue in many industries, most notably, machine shops and metal-working shops. To avoid violations, make sure machinery has proper guarding to prevent accidents and injuries.

#9: PPE and Lifesaving Equipment

Eye and face protection violations totaled 2,074, and were prevalent in the construction industry - particularly among contractors in roofing, framing, and masonry. To prevent violations, always wear ANSI-approved safety glasses when required.

#8:  Fall Protection Training Requirements

This section specifically looks at fall protection training violations and saw 2,112 citations, primarily due to a lack of training programs for employees exposed to falls. Implement a comprehensive fall protection training program to ensure compliance and employee safety and update it annually.

#7:  Respiratory Protection

With 2,481 violations, employers failed to provide medical evaluations, conduct fit testing, and maintain written programs for respiratory protection. Help improve your compliance by offering proper training and medical evaluations as well as maintaining written programs.

#6:  Lockout Tagout

Serious citations for lockout tag out, totaled 2,554, occurred due to inadequate lockout programs, leading to severe injuries and fatalities. Implement written procedures, training, and inspections to effectively control hazardous energy and prevent accidents.

#5:  Powered Industrial Trucks

AKA forklift-related citations, numbered 2,561 and resulted from unsafe operations, lack of refresher training, and uncertified operators. Establish a robust training and maintenance program to ensure forklift safety in industries like warehousing and manufacturing.

#4:  Scaffolding

With 2,859 citations, the majority of scaffolding issues stemmed from employees on scaffolds above 10 feet without fall protection. Additionally, to avoid issues make sure to have the proper scaffold setup, including guardrails and access points, to prevent falls and maintain a safe work environment.

#3:  Ladders

Ladder misuse in construction was a big one totaling 2,978 citations. Extension ladders with side rails that didn't extend 3' above the upper landing surface was the single biggest issue.

#2:  Hazard Communication Standard

The Hazard Communication Standard saw 3,212 citations, primarily due to the lack of written programs and training on chemical hazards. Achieve greater compliance by providing proper training and making Safety Data Sheets available to employees, particularly in industries like hospitality and construction.

Finally...back again for the 13th year in a row...

#1:  Fall Protection

Topping the list with a staggering 7,271 citations, fall protection violations in construction remained the leading cause of fatalities for the 13th consecutive year. Implement guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, and other safety measures to protect workers, especially in roofing, framing, and construction industries.

In conclusion, understanding and adhering to OSHA standards is crucial for maintaining a safe workplace and avoiding costly penalties. By identifying areas of improvement based on OSHA's top 10 violations of 2023 and implementing effective prevention strategies, businesses can prioritize safety and protect their employees.

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Stay safe, and take care!

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