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Ally Safety Toolbox Talk Videos

Our modern spin on toolbox talks uses short videos, engaging images, simple tests, and more to improve both engagement and retention.

Experts create your modern safety talks following all the best practices collected from thousands of trainees. This new and innovative way to think about safety will be refreshing for you and your employees.

Basic Safety Concepts


Behavior-Based Safety


Bloodborne Pathogen Safety


Caught-In and -Between Hazards


Cold Weather Hazards


Confined Space Safety


Driving Safety


Electrical Safety


Emergency Preparedness




Fall Protection


Fire Safety


Forklift Safety


The Hazard Communication Standard


Hazard Identification


Heat Illness Prevention


Ladder Safety


Lockout Tagout/The Control of Hazardous Energy


Machine Guarding


Noise and Hearing Protection


Personal Protective Equipment


Respiratory Protection


Scaffolding Safety


Struck-By Hazards


Walking-Working Surfaces


Working Alone Safety