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About Ally Safety

about ally safety
Hi, I'm Rachel Walla, CSP. 

I have been in workplace safety for ten years. I got my start conducting field audits in construction and manufacturing where I worked one-on-one with employees. 

From there, I worked my way up to a Safety Manager with a team of 12 employees and now am a full-time consultant both in the US and abroad. 

I believe workplace safety is an integral part of a successful business. 

Safety can be simple, innovative, and entertaining. When safety is done well, it improves production, reliability, and the workplace culture. 

Our goal at Ally Safety is to help employers by providing solutions, aligning incentives, and building systems that actually work. 

We offer a variety of products, services, and solutions to help you and your business get to the next level. 

We are your ally in workplace safety.