The Hazard Communication Standard Safety Training Course by Ally Safety

The Hazard Communication Safety Training video by Ally Safety

45-Minutes (Including Quiz)

In this course, learners will be able to take the training in small segments known as microbursts with several quiz questions after each segment. This allows learners to take in the information in bite-sized pieces, increasing retention, and ensuring key points are emphasized.

Many workers do not access the “Hazard Communication Program” because they feel bored, overwhelmed or intimidated by it. In this training, the ways to identify substances (like labels, pictograms, and Safety Data Sheets) are simplified into short, fun explanations that workers can easily remember and utilize in their work with hazardous substances. A practical example of how to clean up spills safely is also demonstrated.

The Hazard Communication Standard Safety Video Course Outline

  • Introduction to the Hazard Communication Program

  • Routes of Exposure

  • How Do We Prevent Exposures?

  • Pictograms

  • Understanding Hazardous Substance Labels

  • Secondary Labels

  • Safety Data Sheets

  • Check the SDS: Protect Yourself

  • After this course, learners will be able to:

    1. Work safely with hazardous substances by knowing what they are, how to handle them, and what to do in case of accidental spills
    2. Prevent exposure to hazardous substances through safe practices
    3. Identify all 9 pictograms
    4. Understand the purpose of the Hazard Communication Standard labels
    5. Prepare secondary labels for hazardous substances
    6. Read and identify sections of Safety Data Sheets

    Initial course access will be immediate. If you are enrolling multiple employees, you will receive your employee's shareable sign-up link within 24 hours. After enrollment, you will be able to track the analytics and progress of the users in the group.