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Fire Extinguisher Training Video 2020

Check out our Fire Extinguisher Training Video, including fire extinguisher types, the P-A-S-S method for using fire extinguishers, and when to fight fires and when to evacuate.


In this video, we cover the basics of fire extinguishers. It includes information on the fire triangle, fire extinguisher types includes A, B, C, D, and K, when to fight a fire versus when to evacuate, and the P-A-S-S method for using a fire extinguisher.

This video includes live uses of fire extinguishers to demonstrate proper use as well as animations to illustrate important key objectives.

At Ally Safety, we believe safety training should be interesting, informative, and entertaining. It is our hope that by providing great resources, employees will be able to absorb the necessary information to make workplace safety training effective.

This fire extinguisher training was developed to reach an awareness level and be for general use.

This safety training video should not be used in place of other instruction but may compliment existing safety training.

This video is 5:27 in length.