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Confined Space Definition Video


You can’t really be safe in a confined space, unless you know what one is, so that’s where we’re going to start.


I know, we’ve all heard that three part definition before, the problem is, the definition tends to leave more questions than answers.

In this video below, we are going to make identifying confined spaces crystal clear.

According to OSHA, a confined space needs to meet these three criteria: 

  1. The space needs to be large enough, and so configured that a person can bodily enter and perform assigned work; and
  2. The space must have limited means for entry or exit; and
  3. The space must not be designed for continuous human occupancy. 

The problem is, this is written in language no one uses. 

In this video, we decode what this actually means.


This video is 7:22 long and covers the three elements listed above in defining a confined space according to OSHA. 

It also includes information from OSHA letters of interpretation to clarify the most common questions employees have when applying this standard.

Lastly, the video goes through a three question quiz on defining confined spaces. This gives participants a chance to check their skills and then see the correct response.

The final product is an MP4 digital copy that is available for immediate download.