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Electrical Safety Awareness Training Video by Ally Safety

Electrical Safety Awareness Training video by Ally Safety

35-Minutes (Including Quiz)

In this course, learners will be able to take the training in small segments known as microbursts with several quiz questions after each segment. This allows learners to take in the information in bite-sized pieces, increasing retention, and ensuring key points are emphasized.

This course is rich in illustrations and demonstrations from how electricity works, to electrical shock, lockout, safe work practices, GFCI's, electrical equipment and more.

Electrical Safety Awareness Video Course Outline

  1. The Basics of Electricity
  2. Electricity Terms
  3. How Electrical Shock Occurs
  4. Preventing Shock Through Safe Work
  5. Lockout Tagout
  6. Powerlines
  7. Electrical Equipment
  8. How to Respond to a Shock Incident

After this course, learners will:

  1. Understand the basics of electricity and electrical terms
  2. Understand how electrical shock occurs and how to prevent shock
  3. Recognize electrical hazards
  4. Prevent electrical shock through safe work practices
  5. Have a working knowledge of how to interact safely with power lines and electrical equipment

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