Safety is a Team Effort Toolbox Talk

One of the struggles in workplace safety is getting employees to understand that safety doesn't stop with the Safety Department. The Safety is a Team Effort Toolbox Talk explains why workplace safety improves when we all participate. 

This toolbox talk was designed to be delivered  in either a group setting or sent out individually.

The Safety is a Team Effort Toolbox Talk contains the following information: 

  • Introduction to safety as a team effort
  • Why working together can sometimes be challenging
  • The basics of teamwork in safety
  • Teamwork in production
  • 8 factors for a positive team culture
  • Teamwork pitfalls to avoid
  • How to be a team player
  • The importance of communication
  • Real-life teamwork story
  • 2 illustrated pages
  • Includes questions to prompt thought and discussion
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